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Project Description
A media center plugin that allows the user to easily browse movie, trailer, and TV Series collections. Uses different sources for movie data such as My Movies and EAX Movie Catalog. Downloads high def trailers and organizes TV Series data for display in Windows Media Center.

Formely My Moview Browser. Can use data from My Movies or EAX Movie Catalog. I will take requests if there are other movie management programs being used and would like to use with the plugin.

My Video Viewer is a Vista Media Center plugin with three purposes:
  1. My Movies interface.
  2. Apple trailers interface.
  3. TV Series interface.

Some of the features it has: Resumes playback of movies/trailers/TV episodes, Downloads high quality apple trailers to the hard drive (capable of 480, 720, or 1080). Filter and sort movie, trailers, and TV episodes. Link a trailer to a movie so you can see a preview of the movie. Watch downloaded trailers before a movie seamlessly.

Parts to the project:
  • Vista Media Center - written in C# and MCML.
  • Configuration application - configures settings used in the other applications and plugin.
  • Manager application - manages the TV series/episode information (pulled from, downloads and sets poster and background images (pulled from, display downloaded trailers, helps in retrieving TV episodes by creating links to watched seasons using user defined url.
  • Trailer downloader - downloads trailers from

.Net 3.5 is required

X-Box 360 users
If you use an X-Box 360, you may be interested in another project called Video Encoder which uses Expression Encoder SDK to encode video files to hi def wmv files while preserving 6 channel (5.1) surround sound. I use this to encode the downloaded movie trailers as well as other video files to play on my X-Box.




If you enjoy this solution, feel free to donate. You may donate using paypal.

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