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Continued Support

Aug 23, 2009 at 5:09 PM


I've been using OML (Open Media Library) with MyMovies for a while now to provide support for my movie collection in Vista MC but came accross your My Video Viewer application and really liked what I found.

However, as with OML which does not seem to be being developed further as the last code drops were early this year (2009) I also noticed that the last realease for your code was April this year.  I was therefore wondering whether your are continuing to support this product or whether other comitments have gotten the better of you...?

I think it would be a really good product to continue with, especially with Windows 7 MC on the horizon, I myself have been considering starting a business to build MC PC's and this is just the kind of application I would be looking for to bundle with my system.  Whilst I understand that this is an open source project I can't help feeling that you have the basis of a really nice comercial application and something that's target market has no similar commercial product that I am aware of.

Hopefully you can provide an update on whether you intend to continue development and when the next version is likely to be realesed.


Nov 12, 2009 at 3:14 PM

I think anyone who uses this feels the same way. This is a great application. I recently created a program to fix the "picture not downloading" problem. But this really is a sweet application. In fact, i know VB, and not a lot of c#, but if i did, i love this so much, i would update it myself. lol .There are a lot of plug-ins that do simular things, but i still like this one  the best.  I really wish i knew how to develop media center plugins.