windows 7/ viewer manager


Ive ran into a few snags. As i really love this program. I do not know a lot of c#. I cant get this to install on windows 7. 7 compatibility would be awesome. The other thing is for some reason, (ive tested it on a few different machines) is the my video viewer manager isnt able to download images from tvdb. And because of this im unable to add new season files ect.. I did come up with a solution tho.. altho not the best, I created a program that will go on tbdb, snag the posters, metadata ect, and put them in the correct spot, so that you can run my video viewer and add new stuff. My video viewer is still capible of getting the information, Such as episode info and whatnot. So i simply created something that just gets the images..
Oh, btw if anyone is having the same problem, and is interested let me know. I will email the program. I would upload it here, but im still working on it (it works GREAT!!, im just making it better all the time..lol)